“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves, and, under a just God, cannot long retain it.”

- Abraham Lincoln, letter to H.L. Pierce, April 6, 1859


Trafficking in persons (TIP) is both a crime and an abuse and deprivation of the most basic human rights. Children adopted through the black market and issued false birth registrations or no birth registrations lose their fundamental right to identity. When sex tourists, abusive aid workers, and peacekeepers procreate and leave behind children in the developing world, they are almost always left in poverty. The cycle of multigenerational trauma continues. Genetic genealogy can help end these abuses.

Genealogy For Justice™ and FHD Forensics are joining forces with other interested stakeholders in several countries to combat the issue of Trafficking in Persons (TIP) through the power of genetic genealogy and restorative justice.

Some of our current projects include:

•  Brazilian baby trafficking: Identifying biological parents for adults who were adopted as children on the black market in Brazil.

•  Abuse in the aid industry: We are working with former aid workers, legal advocates, and other interested parties to search out perpetrators of sex abuse. We seek to hold them accountable and compensate abuse victims.

•  Assisting several adults who contacted us after the airing of ABC 20/20’s Baby Holly Found about the Clouse case to say that they were trafficked or missing as children.

Our End Trafficking task force is interested in collaborating with other organizations and subject matter experts to develop projects to deter human trafficking. Please contact G4J Board of Advisors Chair, Allison Peacock for more information.


A recent Edmonton, Alberta King’s Bench trial, set an important precedent setting use of Investigative Genetic Genealogy to establish the paternity of a child born out of wedlock to a sex worker in the Philippines. G4J and Team FHD were there.